Kurashiki, Japan

Kurashiki Quick Facts

Kurashiki is a historic city located to the west of Okayama, Japan, sitting on the Takahashi River, on the coast of the Inland Sea.

As of 2003, the city has an estimated population of 433,477 and the density of 1,450.14 persons per km². The total area is 298.92 km².

The city was founded on April 1, 1928.

Kurashiki Features

Kurashiki is the home to Japan’s first Western art museum, the Ohara Museum of Art. Established in 1930 by Magosaburu Ohara, it contains masterpieces by El Greco, Monet, Matisse, Gauguin, and Renoir. The collection also has fine examples of Asian and contemporary art. The museum itself is housed in a neo-Classical building.

The ancient merchant quarter, called the Bikan historical area. This area of the city is surrounded by almost unique examples of 17th century wooden warehouses called kura (?) painted white with traditional black tiles, along a canal framed with weeping willows and filled with koi. The area is extraordinarily picturesque, and is a popular tourist destination. One of the city’s former town halls was located in the Kurashiki Kan, an impressive European style building constructed in 1917.

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